Looking for the ultimate ally for sculpting your body at home?

Looking for the ultimate ally for sculpting your body at home? Immerse yourself in our comparative analysis between the Smartpress from SmartWorkout and the Gymproluxe Band and Bar Set 2.0 from Gymproluxe. Discover which one will propel you towards your fitness goals with efficiency. Are you ready to select the ideal partner for your physical progress ? 

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SmartPress:your perfect ally for effective sessions at home

The shorter the length, the quicker the resistance is reached

Ensures comfortable attachment of strength bands with our foam belt and soft or rigid handles

SmartPress and GYMPROLUXE Band and Bar set 2.0 in brief

Increased comfort and training options Smartworkout SMARTPRESS Gymproluxe BAND AND BAR SET 2.0
Total resistance 110kg (if the option is chosen) 90kg
Rigid handles available as an option -
Bar available as an option Included
Resistance levels 9 (if the 110kg version is chosen) 7
Lightweight and easy to transport Yes Yes
Practical exercises + 100 + 100
Mobile App Yes Yes
Fast delivery and beginnings
Delivery time 1-2 working days 1-2 working days
Price 112,80 pounds (if all options are chosen) 154,95 pounds
Lifetime warranty Yes Yes
Overall satisfaction
TrustPilot rating 4.7 < 1000 reviews 3.8 < 400 reviews

Efficient handling (very) much like the sessions

With the SmartPress, you'll experience rapid and efficient workouts, whether it's your first setup or your daily routine. Its outstanding durability and versatility provide numerous avenues for advancement, catering to both beginners and seasoned fitness enthusiasts.

Moreover, we've meticulously anticipated your needs to ensure an unmatched training experience. Practical, lightweight, and user-friendly, the SmartPress guarantees optimal comfort throughout your sessions.

Dive into a diverse array of exercises through our integrated app, boasting over 100 different workout options. And with swift delivery, your motivation will always be sky-high. Plus, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all product components, delivering you total peace of mind.

Look no further – the SmartPress stands as your ultimate partner for exceptional workouts. Order now and uncover everything our product has to offer, with no compromises on quality, effectiveness or comfort