A Lifetime Warranty

For SmartWorkout, the most important thing is the satisfaction of our customers and the trust they have in our products ! It then became obvious to us to guarantee our equipments for life. Yes, you heard right - a lifetime warranty. Why? Simply because our equipment is durable and of high quality, but also because we aim to provide exceptional support to our users.

Guaranteeing our resistance bands for life means offering our customers peace of mind and the assurance of a long-lasting purchase. You can buy with confidence knowing that we'll be there for you if you encounter any issues with any of our equipment !

Of course, this comes with certain conditions for coverage. Don't worry, we'll detail them transparently for you.

Our warranty policy covers manufacturing defects and quality issues related to normal use of SmartWorkout equipment. These defects typically occur shortly after purchase. Therefore, the warranty does not cover damages caused by improper use, negligence, or modification of the product (or its use).

To claim the warranty, simply reach out to our excellent customer service by providing a photo of the damaged item directly via email : info@smartworkout-pro.com. If you also describe how it happened, that's even better !

Under the warranty, we provide free replacement of the damaged part, but we charge shipping fees ranging from £6 to £15 depending on the part :

Resistance band: £6 / unit

Accessory (handle, anchor...): £8

Bar: £15

No worries, if your claim is made within 30 days of purchase and the manufacturing defect is confirmed, we'll cover the shipping costs.

Finally, we reserve the right to replace the defective item with an equivalent product in case of discontinuation of model or color.

There you have it, you know everything ! And if you still have doubts, feel free to rely on the testimonials of our customers ! 💚