Elevate Your Training with the SmartWorkout App

Explore the SmartWorkout App, the premier fitness app tailored for resistance band training.
Our app serves as a comprehensive fitness resource hub, featuring an in-depth guide on utilising the SmartWorkout Elite equipment and a range of exercise tutorials with resistance bands. It also offers three specially curated workout plans, designed to maximise results with your fitness bands.

Whether you're aiming for muscle hypertrophy, efficient muscle strengthening, toning, or weight loss, our app will support you throughout your fitness journey.
And the best part? All the content is FREE - except for the strength training plan SmartGains which requires an unique payment of £5. 

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Features and Content

3 Exclusive Workout Plans with Resistance Bands

The training plans are simple to follow: each week is divided into multiple sessions, providing the number of sets and repetitions for each exercise, along with a demonstration video.
Once a session is completed, mark it as finished to track your progress.
You can pre-download the sessions to access them anywhere, even without a stable internet connection.

Extensive Exercise Library

If you're unsure where to start, our app offers an extensive library of over 50 exercises.
It's categorised by muscle group for easy reference.
Each exercise features a demonstration video and provides guidance on using SmartWorkout equipment and the resistance bar.

Performance Tracking

The Tracking section enables you to record the resistance employed for each exercise, facilitating seamless monitoring of your progress.
Keeping track of your performance is vital for pushing yourself to elevate your workload, thereby fostering growth and muscle development using resistance bands.
Join the SmartWorkout App - It's FREE!

Sign up now to access all the app features absolutely FREE*

If you've purchased the SmartWorkout resistance bands equipment, download the SmartWorkout - ENG app and enjoy FREE access to the exercise library and two workout programs.
To unlock additional benefits like performance tracking and progress monitoring, we recommend creating an account, which is also FREE!

*Excluding the third strength training program, SmartGains, which requires a one-time payment of £5 to unlock.

Looking for an advanced challenge? Explore the SmartGains workout plan

SmartGains, a 9-week resistance band training program crafted to enhance muscle growth using resistance bands, follows a "push/pull/legs" format with 5 weekly workouts and three cycles to maximize gains. The initial cycle emphasizes longer sets with moderate resistance, while the final cycle prioritizes shorter sets with heavy resistance.

If you're keen on this programme, you can conveniently purchase it within the app for a one-time fee of £5.00.
Navigating the App

1. Download the app and set up your account

Visit the App Store or Google Play and download "SmartWorkout - ENG" app to install it on your device.

While creating an account is optional, we recommend doing so via the "Log in" tab to unlock the tracking feature and maximise your workout experience with resistance bands.
Once your account is set up, head to the "Home" tab and tap the "UNLOCK NOW" button under "Free Content" to access the complimentary resources.
You can now access the "Tracking" tab and take your training to the next level!

2. Training

After setting up your account and enrolling in the free plan, using the app is straightforward.

Navigate to the "Training" tab and choose your desired workout session. Follow the instructions provided and give it your all. Once you've finished a session, simply tap the "COMPLETE" button to mark it as done and conveniently track your progress.

3. Tracking

To monitor your progress with resistance bands, utilise our performance tracker found in the Tracking tab.
Choose an exercise and tap the + button located at the bottom right of the screen. Input the resistance in the "Check-In" section, ensure the date matches your workout day, and then hit the ✓ symbol at the bottom of the screen. If desired, you can include a note to indicate the perceived level of difficulty.